Day 28 #mbaug πŸ“· Today’s prompt: Emotions - A blurry, hurried photo taken through the window of a small fishing boat as we were tossed about in a storm. We probably cycled through the whole gamut of human emotion multiple times through those hours…

Day 27 #mbaug πŸ“· Watching the beach be Overcome by the waves. We were supposed to be diving, but we were almost swept off the cliffside by the wind.

Day 25 #mbaug πŸ“· Just what we hoped to see on a cold afternoon, somewhere off the San Juan Islands - The fluke of a female Humpback spotted swimming with her calf.

Day 12 #mbaug πŸ“· Sound - The sound of thunder as I get completely drenched in a sudden storm πŸš«β˜”οΈ